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Μπορείς:-P στο We Heart It.
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And I have now finished the fat positive drawing! I’m quite pleased with it.
This is to remind people that the word fat is not a negative term, and shouldn’t be treated as an insult. I hope you can all remember that, and I hope it helps some people to know that fat is not a bad word. Maybe it’ll stop people from calling themselves fat in a negative way, or saying to someone “no, you’re not fat, you’re beautiful!” when they should probably be saying “yes, you are fat, and you’re beautiful”.
This artwork is also available on my Society6 (with free shipping and $5 off until midnight PST), and Redbubble, so spread the positivity!

Fat is a bad work actually, it has negative connotation, being fat is not healthy. Being fat is not good for you and you shouldn’t promote fatness or obesity.

Some people are fat and healthy. Being obese /= having fat. Some people have more body fat, but are still healthy. Some people have less body fat, but are extremely unhealthy. THAT is the point of these things. It is not to promote obesity. Be big or small or whatever, just be healthy.

They show an obese drawing and say “fat is not a bad word” insinuating that a body type that is fat like that is not bad. Obviously it doesn’t make the person bad, but their health is not good. The amount of fat of them is not good. It’s unhealthy and bad. Clearly you need body fat, but an excessive amount like that is not good.

You cannot judge somebody’s health by the way their body looks. Some people have higher fat percentages but are still healthy. BE FAT, BE SKINNY, BE MUSCULAR, BUT BE HEALTHY. You can be any one of those things and still be healthy.

No you cannot be healthy and obese. That’s literally not possible. :c

Fat does not equal obese. You can be healthy and have a high fat percentage.

If you have a high fat percentage and are quite big, no that’s not healthy. Hard on your heart, joints, and bones. It’s not healthy. You cannot have a really high body fat percentage and be healthy. Same w skinnier girls w high body fat percentage. They’re not healthy

^^ so accurate. It is sooooo important to accept the things on your body that you can’t change (stretch marks, some cellulite, scars, bone structure, etc) but fat isn’t one of them. It is highly unlikely that someone is ever overweight and healthy and that shouldn’t be promoted so often.
"Alcohol tasted better than you, anyway."
6-word story #8

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"You are more than words
and the letters that make them,
you are poetry."
Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via tylerknott)
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"Take a shower,
Wash away the bad thoughts,
Cleanse your body,
Put on some relaxing music,
Get in to bed,
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Νομιζω οτι ισχυει!

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actually crying because of this

oh my god 

this is beautiful 

this is how i feel.